How To Keep Your Car Feeling Brand New

Maintaining the shiny, glossy look on your car along with that ‘new car smell’ might be considered a little obsessive by most by the truth is that while the ‘new car smell’ might fade away, you would not want the same to happen to the paint work. I am sure by now you may be wondering, why would I want to go to the trouble in the first place? The answer is simple. Car maintenance may be a bit tedious but the hassle will pay off down the road.

For starters, new car paint goes a long way in attracting a buyer. It will not only attract more buyers but it will also command a higher resale value. It makes no sense for you to spent hundreds (sometimes thousands) for mechanical refurbishing before selling their cars but all that will be pointless if the car looks run-down. Let’s face it, first impressions count, a lot, this being said, a well-maintained vehicle will sell a lot faster than one that isn’t.

All the above being said, how should you ensure you keep your car well maintained?

The first obvious thing would be to take your car to a mechanic. The most important thing in terms of safety you should look at is having your breaks looked at. If you need a break repair then it's important this is done as soon as possible for the safety of you and others, you can find more information here about repairing your breaks.

The best way to maintain a car’s exterior is by regularly washing it. Dirt is your worst enemy when it comes to car paint protection. This is because when left on for long periods of time, dirt and grime bonds to the paint giving it a rough finish.

Regular washing and waxing is especially important for cars that are exposed to the elements. This is especially important to people who live in areas like Australia. In addition, if you are planning on parking your car for a long time, it is better to do so in a garage, a carport or an underground carpark. Parking under a tree may sound like a good idea now that we are talking about sheltered parking areas but unfortunately, while they are a good source of shade, they also play host to birds who will inevitably leave droppings on your car which apart from being unappealing and unsanitary, dissolve the paint if the vehicle is left in the sun.

However, washing alone cannot guarantee you perfect results. To keep your car feeling brand new will also need you to have your car detailed every so often. A car-detailing job is as important as a spring cleaning for the house. Whether we like it or not, we all leave pieces of us behind when we get out of the car. It might be a candy wrapper today and a receipt from the store tomorrow. Before we know it, we could fill a small trash can and no one wants to be driving in a mini-dumpster. Getting a deep clean is exactly what you would need in this case. With car detailing, the service goes deeper than just cleaning the exterior. The service also extends to repairing the tears in the leather, vacuuming the carpet, fixing small paint chips, lubricating truck hinges among other services. Considering how much is involved in a car detailing, it is sometimes considered a minor vehicular facelift.

To keep your car feeling fresh and cool then you will also need to make sure the air conditioner is in working order. You can't enjoy your ride if you are boiling during a hot summers day, a cool car should keep you cool. This is why car air conditioning repairs are so important to making your car feel new and comfortable, visit this page if you are from Cheltenham and are looking to repair your car's aircon.

Now, when you do all these, there is no reason why you should not keep your car keep new and shiny because let us face it, everyone wants to look good when they are cruising in a sleek car.